Meet the Team

Patti Bezanson

Patti Bezanson


Patti came to BASIS.ed with extensive experience in operations and marketing for top-tier Charter and Educational management organizations in Arizona. Patti spent four years building and leading all enrollment and marketing efforts for Great Hearts Academies before becoming Managing Director of Marketing, Branding and Student Recruitment for BASIS.ed in 2014. She joined the BASIS Global team in 2015 as the Vice President of Operations, focusing initially on the opening their first international school in Shenzhen, China. Patti received her bachelor of arts in Communication from Oakland University.

Patti lives in Phoenix with her husband and three children.

Hana Shafer, Director of International Student Programs

Hana Shafer


Hana was born in the Czech Republic, and grew up in Prague. In 1997, she graduated from high school with an emphasis in business, economics and the English language. Hana holds a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Business and European History from Arizona State University and has been part of the BASIS.ed team since 2011.

Hana resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Beata Mickevic, ISP Coordinator

Beata Mickevic

Director of International Student Programs

Beata has over four years of experience working with International Students from over 40 countries, as the Internship Manager and Designated School Official at Intrax International Institute. She also has one year experience teaching middle school English in Lithuania. Beata was born in Lithuania and speaks four languages fluently- Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and English. Beata joined the BASIS Global team in 2015 as the International Student Coordinator and became the Director of International Student Programs in 2016. She received her Master's in International Relations from LaSalle University. Beata lives in Phoenix, where she enjoys participating in outdoor activities.