Letter from the CEO

Welcome to BASIS Global, and thank you for your interest in one of the best academic networks in the world!

BASIS has raised the level of education to the highest international standards since 1998, when the first BASIS school opened in the Tucson Arizona. Like all of the BASIS.ed schools across the United States – there are 21 as of the fall of 2015 -- BASIS Global hires bright, passionate people to teach our STEM-focused liberal arts curriculum around the world. BASIS Global schools utilize the same program that has ensured all BASIS.ed schools are among the best in the U.S. and the world by any measure - rankings, Advanced Placement (AP) and PISA/OECD testing, or college admissions, among others. The average student at a school using the BASIS.ed academic program is two to three years ahead of the average American student in the core subjects of reading, mathematics, and science.

Our schools stay successful because we hire fantastic teachers, we treat the classroom as sacrosanct, and we teach students to love learning.

  • Our curriculum guides students to ask questions and seek answers without hesitation or limits, while forging individual accountability and the skills to be an integral teammate.
  • Our teachers are bright, enthusiastic experts in their subjects who love the classroom, and lead students to find their academic passion.
  • Our schools embrace the BASIS culture of learning and accountability for both students and teachers, while offering unending support and fostering mutual respect among students, families, teachers, and staff.

I invite you to explore our curriculum, our culture, and our schools. If you believe we are a fit for your student, please feel free to contact us or schedule a visit!

Best regards,

Chief Executive Officer, BASIS Global

Jana Somolova, CEO

image: Jana Somolova


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